Rio Carnival

Get lost in rhythm and fantasy as Rio explodes with delight and joie de vivre!

Let yourself go as you have the time of your life, at the biggest extravaganza in the world! Rio Carnival is THE event of the year, as millions of travelers take to the streets to celebrate life, when the symbolic key and freedom of the city is handed over to King Momo (The King of Carnival). Join Brazil, as it comes to a halt for the four days preceding lent, and takes time out to be outrageously free, joyful and happy with around-the-clock music, dance and fantasy.

The samba parade

This is the image most of us have of Rio Carnival, and certainly is one of the highlights portraying the glitz, glamour and climax of this annual celebration of life and fantasy.

The parade takes place at the Sambodromo (Samba Stadium) on the Sunday and Monday nights of Carnival, and represents the culmination of months of preparation, as the Top 13 samba schools, each with up to 4000 members, sweat it out to win the title of “Champions of the Avenue”. It is an all night affair and a spectacular show of light, imagination, fantasy and joy, in front of 80,000 screaming and cheering spectators.

The samba parade is considered one of the greatest shows on earth and one that should be experienced at least once in a life time.

Rio Carnival Street bands (Blocos)

If all you’re expecting from Rio Carnival is the Parade, you are in for a pleasant surprise – as some argue, the true spirit and exuberance of Rio Carnival takes place on the streets as the various street bands parade through the streets pumping out samba sounds whilst being followed by anyone who wants to dance through the streets.

The bands, sometimes called blocos, consist of huge percussion bands producing a rhythmic concoction of sounds created by a host of different types of drums, tambourines, whistles and other unidentified instruments. The smaller bands can be on top of a truck, whilst the bigger ones stay on the road, leading the dancing crowds.

Most neighborhoods in Rio have there own band (called Bandas or Blocos) – and you can literally hop from neighborhood-to-neighbourhood to catch a bit of each band.

Participate in the Parade

Being the warm welcoming nation that Brazilians are – the Samba Schools receive you with doors and arms wide open, to participate in the parade on THE BIG DAY! This is highly recommended and is a memory that will stay with you forever! Words don’t come easy to describe this incredible euphoric experience, as you march down the Samba Avenue with 4000 or so fellow school members who have been practising for months and have adopted you for the 1 hour and 20 minutes of their show.

This journey will move you!

This is will be our 10th Rio Carnival and we hope to be there again to guide you as you join millions of travellers in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world for the most extravagant party in the world! Each year we learn more and discover new parties and ways to enjoy Carnival to the max - it is our mission to share these experiences and discoveries with you and help you to get the most out of your Carnival experience!!

These are just some of the amazing experiences that await you in Rio during Carnival. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are thinking of going to Rio Carnival, or incorporate it into your South American travel plans